Sunrise in Geneva Blog

Since I first moved to Geneva in 2013, I have been keeping a blog with my impressions of different places around the city and in Switzerland, including restaurants, bars, events, etc. I also write on international development topics, namely on international business, UN, migration, and refugee issues. See the blog here.

Transit Migration in the Americas

From 2017-2018, I worked with a team of a researchers and academics to organize a series of events aimed at bridging the policy and practice gap in migration response in the Americas. The focus of the project is on Mexico and particularly key border or near-border cities that have experienced large influxes of transit migrants and Mexicans deported from the United States.


September 2016: The Fletcher School’s Institute for Human Security (IHS) receives a two-year, million-dollar grant from The Carnegie Corporation of New York.

May 2017: The Transit Migration in the Americas working group hosted a workshop in Tijuana, Baja California, gathering local, state, and federal Mexican authorities, civil society actors, international organizations, and researchers to discuss how to best provide assistance to transit migrants and deportees in the immediate, medium, and long term.

Final workshop report [SPA], Trayectorias migrantes interrumpidas: retos del tránsito permanente en Tijuana (August 2017)

Policy brief informed by workshop discussions, Journeys Interrupted: Human and Policy Challenges of Assisting Migrants in Tijuana (August 2017)

April 2018: The Americas working group hosted a second workshop in Monterrey, Nuevo León, to convene governmental and non-governmental actors focusing on transit migration in Monterrey and neighboring Saltillo, Coahuila. The night before the event, the Latin America Working Group presented on the state of US-Mexico immigration policy.

Final workshop report [forthcoming]

For further information:

  • “Carnegie Corporation of New York Awards $5 Million to Universities for Innovative Programs Linking Academia and Policy” (September 2014) [press release]
  • The Fletcher School’s Institute for Human Security (IHS) [website]
  • IHS Migration Crisis and State Fragility project [website]
  • Transit Migration in the Americas working group project [website]

Mediterranean Crossings: Colonial and Postcolonial Migrations and Identity

As part of a Tufts University course in French on migration and identity, I wrote a series of texts in April 2018 on the obstacles refugees and migrants face when searching for a new home, examining the works of Tyler Jump, Mohamad Hafez and Ahmed Badrand, and Nele Vos on this topic. My classmates’ contributions to the project can be found here.

Blakeley Fellowship in India’s Microfinance Industry

In the summer of 2017, I worked with a microfinance firm, Vaya FinServ, in Hyderabad, India thanks to generous funding from the Blakeley Foundation. You can learn more about what I learned there through my posts on the Blakeley Fellowship Blog.